Darcie StarSeed


           A multidisciplinary fine artist, Darcie’s paintings serve as a bridge between expressive realism and abstract conceptualization. With fauvist tendencies, unapologetic movement of color and free handed patterns, she lures the viewer in with the energetic relationships she builds on the canvas. Feeding her insatiable curiosity with the world around her, she views creating artwork as an intimate dance of research and play, always fascinated with the ability to further learn her subject matter through various forms of mimicry and creation.

            Beginning to win awards for her art as a child, Darcie’s natural talents and skills in drawing, painting, photography, jewelry and metal-working eventually led her to Columbus College of Art & Design, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and Writing. While attending CCAD, Darcie worked with a handful of world-renowned artists, strengthened her practice in yoga, and began to study meditation with a local Buddhist monastery. Her appreciation and resonance with Eastern and Indigenous traditions, and her most omnipresent inspiration, Mother Nature; along with the modalities of color and art theory, and the study of humanity, continue to inform her work.

            Bright and expressive color palettes, juxtaposed with poignant subject matter, Darcie’s work explores the profound spectrum of glorious and grievous phenomena that surround us. Tasting the cosmos of connection, her creations invite us to contemplate the innate truths we all share; the depths & nuances of our collective experiences. Not interested in fitting into a certain niche, Darcie fully embraces and enjoys the freedom to explore themes and ideas in whatever style or medium she finds to be most relevant. This multifaceted approach and broad artistic skill set has led her to be consistently sought out for custom commissions, of which much of her most recent professional work has been.

            In 2014, Darcie began live painting at various events along the West Coast, becoming a resident artist for groups such as Desert Hearts and Grateful Generation. In congruence with this new direction in her career, she co-designed and co-produced a mobile art gallery, curating the group shows at various events, including the gallery’s resident festival, Desert Hearts. In 2017, Darcie went on to help open a new gallery in Venice, CA, and took on the roles of Gallery Director and Art Curator. While being a key figure in sustaining the success of these galleries, she strengthened her artistic repertoire and impressed with her subtly unexpected artwork, exhibitions and events, including her iconic Avalokitesvara mural, which remains a beloved part of the neighborhood.

            While Darcie’s work covers an expansive range of mediums and subject matter, it is all unified on her will to create a positive and inquisitive shift in the world around her. She is consistently utilizing her art as a tool to advocate on global issues, assist the amelioration of traumas, and to directly support organizations. From creating artwork for groups such as Greenpeace and Peace 4 Animals, and an award winning documentary, to painting with survivors of human trafficking through Saving Innocence, this passion of hers can be seen. Darcie is perpetually driven by the pursuit of creating artwork that shines a light on universal topics that eclipse the work itself.