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installations/studio - Shigeo Kawashima installation


There's a beautiful conservatory in Columbus, Ohio that I frequently visited and volunteered at while attending CCAD. In 2008, Franklin Park Conservatory commissioned several well known artists and put on the show, "Bending Nature: Nature Shaped by Art". Luckily, I got the opportunity to assist and work with one of the featured artists, Tokyo based sculptor, Shigeo Kawashima. Shigeo was amazing to work with and it was an awesome experience over all.
Neither of us, obviously, spoke the others' language so we had to figure out ways to understand each other and follow his instructions while creating one piece of art together. It was easier than one would think and I had never worked this way before. You can see the latter part of the process through these photos, but the part I don't have photos of is Shigeo cutting all of the strips of bamboo we used to create the piece. He used a special knife and technique and from there we began the project.
That is a major aspect of his work that I admire. That he creates every single part of it and nothing is bought pre-prepared. It is also nice that he so frequently works with others. Being an artist can definitely get lonely and when you can find a way to include others, it puts the relaxation and ease back into the creative process. It lightens the load and teaches you things you wouldn't learn on your own. We were able to squeeze in sushi and karaoke at times, and Shigeo told me "no business" then.


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